What is the cost of your services? Our Standard Program starts from $750 and VIP Program starts at $1,200 with flexible payments depending on the client’s situation.

Do you offer couples discounts? Yes. We offer a $100 discount per person for couples. 

What is the difference between the two programs? Please review our services page for detail.

How often will I receive updates on my file? Typically, clients in the Standard Program will receive monthly updates. However, if there is progression on the file, we will communicate immediately. VIP client communication is mostly weekly as it is expedited service.

How do you communicate with clients? Most of the communication is via email and through the client portal. However, there may be some communication by phone if needed.

How long does credit restoration take? Credit restoration typically takes six to eight months. However, depending on the client’s situation and ability to pay off debt, it can take less or more time.

 Why do I need credit monitoring? During the credit restoration process, we will need to monitor any changes to the credit such as an adjustment in scores, deletion, updates, and additions.

Will I have to pay off any debt? One very important part of credit restoration is the ability to pay off any accounts that have been verified with credit bureaus and validated with collection agencies. However, it is very unlikely the full amount will have to be repaid. We can discuss settlement and payment plan options.

Do you get items deleted? Our clients have seen deletions of charge offs, collections accounts, repossessions, bankruptcies, and tax liens. However, every situation is not the same. Our overall goal is to help improve credit history and scores by resolving inaccurate accounts, which may come by way of deletion, update, or debt settlement.

Do you dispute inquiries? We do not dispute inquiries. However, if a client has an unauthorized inquiry, we will provide the steps to contact the company to start the removal process.

Do you do credit sweeps? Our company is licensed and bonded and is committed to serving our clients with the highest level of integrity and ethics. We do not do credit sweeps or sell CPNs, which are both illegal and do not help improve financial health overall.

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