“When I started working with Karma Ali to fix my credit my scores were low and I had some debt to clean up. I started an allotment sending funds to Karma and she would dispute & settle accounts and before I knew it my scores had jumped up I had cleared all bad debt off my credit. In October of 2017 I decided I would go ahead and apply for a mortgage I was preapproved for 380k. I started looking and ended up having a lot of hiccups but that’s all they were. Its amazing how my faith along with much encouragement from Karma, family, friends and this group. I am now a proud owner of a beautiful single family home. I closed on my house May 23rd 2018 closing was paid by seller and I did FHA 3.5% down payment. You just have to believe in yourself do the work and stay on course.

These are current scores still working my way to the 700 club I’m confident I will be there before the year is over. Good luck all on your journeys “